Pre-trainer – a quick burst of energy

Nowadays life is moving very fast – constant meetings at work, home, family, responsibilities and even doing regular workouts can make life difficult.

Coming in and doing your workout at very early or very late hours can simply make your body tired. Starting with the head, through the muscles – the effect of sluggishness and slowing down is something that probably every athlete has experienced at least once in his or her life. To prevent this, pre-training products have been created…


Functions and tasks of a pre-trainer

Pre-training supplements are usually capsules, tablets or drinks taken right before the workout – usually 30 minutes before the start of the workout. These products are rich in various ingredients, the combination of which stimulates muscles and the nervous system to work. The main functions they provide include:
– Stimulation and increased concentration on exercise
– Improved post-workout regeneration
– Limitation of catabolism
– Stimulate the loss of excess body fat
– Provide longer and more intensive training units

These effects can be provided by many ingredients that can be purchased in most stores. In capsule form, you can find formulations rich in caffeine, amino acids or creatine. Shots most often offer caffeine, guarana, citrulline and creatine. They come in different flavours, often containing added B vitamins, which also have the task of stimulating the nervous system. The taste of scotch is often very sour, which is supposed to additionally stimulate all senses – a well-thought-out procedure.

Pre-trainer - a quick burst of energy

What do you have to watch out for?

When taking pre-training supplements it is worth taking a closer look at their composition. They often contain substances which can be repeated throughout the day – it is worth counting their amount and protecting yourself from overdosing, which can have unpleasant side effects. The best example is caffeine, which apart from pre-training products can also be found in coffee or even candies.